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Nationwide Aircraft Assurance Services, Inc.

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Since 1998, Nationwide Aircraft Assurance Services (NAAS) has been committed to providing reliable and timely assistance to our clients with their aircraft appraisal, prebuy inspection and title search requirements. Our priority is your satisfaction. With 31 service centers located throughout the nation, we are uniquely positioned to carry out appraisal and prebuy inspections at virtually any airport location coast-to-coast. Our staff of highly trained certified appraisers, A&P/IA technicians and FAA records specialists have the experience

and dedication you can trust with assisting you with your individual requirements.

The accuracy of the valuations we provide to our clients is unparalleled in the industry.

NAAS has developed a proprietary valuation database with accurate details of every aircraft sold worldwide. This data base is updated each and every day and allows our appraisers to provide precise appraisals and market value reports on all make and model aircraft - piston, turbine, corporate jet, helicopter, home-built, classic/warbird or commercial airliner.

Our aircraft prebuy inspections are customized to the individual requirements of our clients. From a Class I general inspection to verify the essential condition and serviceability of an aircraft to a full comprehensive Class II inspection comparable to an annual or major inspection, we can provide the prebuy needed to determine the condition and serviceability of the aircraft
you wish to acquire.

Obtaining dependable title search records is a must for buyers of aircraft. Our staff of FAA specialists have the expertise and knowledge to produce fast, accurate title search records on any aircraft, engine or propeller.

Most importantly, we take the approach that each and every client is a valued customer,

and an opportunity for us to personally assist them with their individual needs.

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Headquartered in Tampa, FL serving the U.S.A. 

with 31 field service offices located coast to coast.

"NAAS provides

Aircraft Appraisals,

Prebuy Inspections and

Title Search Reports

on all aircraft

from single engine 
general aviation aircraft
to large jets."