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Nationwide Aircraft Assurance Services, Inc.

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Since 1998, Nationwide Aircraft Assurance Services (NAAS) has performed thousands of appraisals on aircraft totaling over $3 billion in value. Our clients include financial institutions, corporations, legal and accounting firms, government agencies, and individual aircraft buyers and sellers. Our appraisals strictly adhere to all applicable Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and code of ethics and standards set forth by all nationally and internationally recognized appraisal certification organizations.

At NAAS, we specialize in offering several aircraft valuation options to suit the individual requirements of our clients. The Certified Appraisal, the Desktop Appraisal and the Market Value Report.

Certified Appraisal
Certified Appraisals are typically prepared when legal documentation of aircraft value is required. A Certified Appraisal requires our appraiser to personally inspect the subject aircraft and its maintenance records. The appraised value of the aircraft is certified to be accurate based upon our appraiser's personal inspection of the aircraft and its records. For more information about the certified appraisal process, visit our
certified appraisal page.

Desktop Appraisal
The NAAS comprehensive Desktop Appraisal is an excellent cost effective alternative to the certified appraisal when legal documentation of aircraft value may not be a requirement. The content of information provided within a NAAS Desktop Appraisal report is essentially the same

as is found within a certified appraisal. The difference is that the physical inspection of the aircraft and its records is accomplished by the aircraft owner or a licensed maintenance provider of the aircraft rather than by our appraiser. At approximately one-half the cost of a certified appraisal, the NAAS Desktop Appraisal is extremely cost-effective and often utilized by buyers

and sellers of aircraft and in many cases, by lending institutions, accountants and the IRS. For more information about the NAAS Desktop Appraisal Process, visit our desktop appraisal page.

Market Value Report
As an aircraft buyer or seller, it is important to know what the true current market value pricing on a particular make and model aircraft is, instead of relying on "advertised" prices that may be inflated by as much as 15% or more over its actual true market value. At a very affordable price, the NAAS Market Value Report provides excellent current pricing information to both buyers and sellers of aircraft when a comprehensive appraisal is not required. NAAS Market Value Reports

are available for any make and model aircraft - piston, jet, helicopter, home built, classic or commercial airliner. For more information about the NAAS Market Value Report Process, visit

our market value report page.


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