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The content of information and valuation provided within a comprehensive NAAS Desktop Appraisal report is essentially the same as a certified appraisal. However, there is a difference in the process of how information about the condition and maintenance history of an aircraft  is collected. Rather than having our appraiser personally collect the information during the appraisal inspection, the NAAS Desktop Appraisal process allows a responsible party such

as the aircraft owner or licensed maintenance provider of the aircraft to provide this information to us on our clear and concise questionnaire form. Our questionnaire addresses every important detail about the aircraft and its maintenance records that we require to

begin the valuation process.

Once the questionnaire form is completed and returned to us, the process of establishing aircraft value begins in the same manor as with a certified appraisal. Utilizing the market value database and proprietary software developed by NAAS, the information about the aircraft is compared to all other similar aircraft recently sold on the worldwide market.

Our database is updated daily and allows us to provide an extremely accurate valuation on

any make and model aircraft ever built. After the aircraft appraisal is generated by our team of appraisers, it is reviewed by our senior appraisal analyst for accuracy. Once approved,

the 30 to 40 page appraisal report is then delivered to the client electronically within  

3 to 5 business days after we receive the completed aircraft questionnaire form.

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