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When buying a used aircraft, it is wise to have the selected aircraft inspected and appraised before you buy. Equally important is to have a detailed title  search performed on the aircraft to determine its legal ownership and financial status.  Don't make the mistake of buying an aircraft that is clouded with liens that the previous owner never took care of. Often times, liens go unnoticed for years and only discovered at time of sale. A professional title search will reveal any open liens or encumbrances on an airplane.

At Nationwide Aircraft Assurance Services (NAAS), we provide aircraft buyers with formal title search reports revealing any liens or title issues of record filed with the FAA. Our title search reports include the present registered owner of the aircraft, previous owner, outstanding liens and encumbrances such as chattel mortgages, security agreements, or tax liens.
We also provide title search reports revealing the existence of liens or title issues of record on jet engines, piston engines and propellers.

In most cases, title search results are delivered to our clients at a modest cost within 24 to 48 hours of the order being placed.

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